Swisstec Skandinavien started 1981 under the name Milan-Teknik. By this time the company hade two different orientations.

The technical part, under the direction of Bob Schuler,  having it’s customers in the diecasting- and toolingindustry in the Scandinavian countries.

The artistical part, under the direction of Barbara Schuler,  having crafting and selling her own ceramic.

Swisstec has since 1981 had the representation in Scandinavia for Fondarex SA, Switzerland, the pioneer and market leader in vacuum technology.

Swisstec has also the representation since 1994 from Iepco AG, Switzerland, with its optimal and unique surface technolgy for many industries such as extrusion, injection molding, pressure die casting, mold makers, food industry, medical industry and so on.

Swisstec has since 1994 focused mainly on diecasting- and plastic industry in the Nordic countries to give solutions for evacuation of air and optimal surfaces.

By the year 2000 Swisstec moved into a new building. The office is a modern building with possibility to assist customers in cleaning the surfaces on tools, moulds, screws or any metall item.

Since 2014 Swisstec has the pleasure to be a part of collaboration with  FIMRO AG, Germany by the Mini Flush to increase the cleaning of cooling chanels of the moulds.

In 2015 Swisstec invested in an advanced equipment measuring the roughness of the surface.

In 2016 BKL Lasertechnik, Germany makes an entrance at the Swedish market with lasertechnology for improved cooling, patterns and structures.

In 2018 a collaboration starts with MUREX AG, Switzerland  presenting high quality of screws for extruder and injection moulding as reparation.