High quality surface

About Iepco

Iepco AG is a swiss production-, trade- and service- company. For more than 40 years Iepco AG is dealing with mechanical and galvanic surface treatments, mainly on metallic machine components and moulds/tools.

In extensive researches they have developed surface technologies which are permitting a special technique of working for many branches.

This technique gives a high degree of suitable production surfaces. It is an economical method of surface treatment which considerably reduces the manufacturing costs in various ranges of application.

Soft cleaning

A dry and abrasive-free process with no harm to the surface

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Blasting service

Optimization of surface quality with IEPCOFINISH™

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Coatings hardalloy W/NI

Galvanic coating with good tribological properties

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Main production

Manufacturer of microblasting systems MICROPEEN® / PEENMATIC® and filter systems IMF2 / IMF3 for the production of defined surface geometries.

Research and development of processes and surface technologies. Optical surface assessment with metrological analysis of roughness and shares.

Production of plant parts, spareparts and blasting material Iepconorm.

Vibratory finishing, centrifugal and drag finishing equipment from OTEC® and Novochem® technologies for special surfaces.

Galvanic, wear and corrosion resistant coatings HARDALLOY Ni® and HARDALLOY W®

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