Blasting service

Optimisation of surface and tribological surface treatments with IEPCOFINISH® 

Swisstec has represanted Iepco AG since 1994 and has therefore a long experience of surface treatment. We can provide a width and deep know-how in many different branches such as die casting, injection moulding, mould makers, extrusion etc. From small parts as implants to huge tools.

The uniformed material together with the right equipment, know-how and information from customer, a customized solution is possible to offer.


  • Removing of finest machine cutting residues
  • Optimization of non-adhesive characteristics
  • Abrasion free cleaning
  • Improvement of sliding qualities
  • Engineering of individual surfaces
  • Nonabrasive cleaning by microblasting
  • Densification / shot peening
  • Deburring
  • Structuration by microblasting
  • Preparation of adhesive surfaces
  • Tribofinish treatment

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