Swisstec Skandinavien market and sell products and services to the plastic- and die casting industries in Scandinavia though many other branches have found great interest in the products and services we offer.


an improved quality of Surface?

                  Iepco Surface Technology gives an optimal surface.

to clean the cooling channels?

                 Fimro´s Mini Flush is quick and reduces energy consumption.

a higher quality on the die casted goods?

                  Fondarex´s Vacuum technology gives control and security.

improved cooling, a pattern or a special design in the tool/mould?

                 BKL has a technology for improved cooling and a number of different patterns to choose from.          


                         WE OFFER  Customized service, technical support, education, spareparts       

                         YOU GET     Maintenance, increased know.how, documentaion and quick deliveries.