30-31 maj 2018

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17th of May 11.00-12.00

” Additiv Manufacturing and Lazerstructure” by BKL-Lasertechnik

News: Fimro Cleaning Cooling Channels, Fondarex Vacuumtechnology,

Murex  Screw Maintenance

Live Demo: Iepco Softcleaning, Iepco Top Finsih, Iepco Polishpeen

Swisstec Skandinavien

We market, sell products and services to the plastic-, die casting-, rubber-, medical-, automobile- and other industries in Scandinavia.


An improved quality of Surface?

Iepco Surface Technology gives an optimal surface

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To clean the cooling channels?

Fimro´s Mini Flush reduces energy consumption.

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A higher quality on diecasted goods?

Fondarex´s Vacuum –  for control and security.

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Cooling, structures or patterns?

BKL´s laser – for patterns, structures and cooling.

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